Dram Module
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    DDR400 is a dual in-line memory module and is intended for mounting onto 184-pins edge connector sockets. Synchronous design allows precise cycle control with the use of system clock. Kuk I/O transactions are possible on both edges of DQS. Range of operating frequencies, programmable latencies and burst lengths allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth, high performance memory system applications.
    The DDR400 module for desktop is offered in quantities in 256MB up to 1GB capacities
    * DLL aligns DQ and DQS transition with CK transition
    * Double-data-rate architecture
    * Bi-directional data strobe (DQS)
    * Differential clock inputs(CK and /CK)
    * Auto refresh and self refresh
    * 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms
    * Power supply: VDD, VDDQ: 2.7V+/-0.1V
    * Programmable Burst length (2,4,8)
    * Serial Presence Detect with EEPROM
    * Module bank :one physical bank
    * Height 31.75mm, six layers
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